How to expand brand awareness

RGPR Case Study: Patients Who Manage Their Own Access to Quality Care

In the years leading up to the Affordable Care Act of 2010, I helped women to better manage the costs and quality of their own and their family's health care when accessing Cigna and Pfizer products or services. This served as a model for any patient managing care in a health care system constantly evolving.

Health insurers had long labeled access to health care as Managed Care. As if patients who use insurance plans when sick must simply trust insurers, hospitals, doctors and other prescribers to manage their care for them. I asked:  Why not encourage patients and caregivers to actually partner with insurers, providers and prescribers, to jointly ensure healthy-patient outcomes? 

I wrote content on this theme in multi-year marketing PR campaigns. Integrating messaging in content across multiple channels and companies with each campaign. The tactics deployed and writing samples below show the value of growing brand awareness that will help you harness the power of your organization's brand.  

  • A marketing PR plan with key performance metrics-of-success to expand patient engagement, brand awareness. 
  • Press releases that guide patients to care advocates, or help caregivers to better understand the science of medicines prescribed, even to the family pet.
  • An online microsite that generated dialogue between prescribers and caregivers to help ensure quality care for their loved ones. As part of an award-winning PRSA Silver Anvil campaign.  
  • Bylined articles engaging women to help themselves or the family avoid the costs and burdens of illness.

The result: I helped deliver growing Cigna and Pfizer product or service brand awareness, respect for health care companies, that also delivered growing revenue. By advocating for women as patients and caregivers.