How to attract then retain customers

RGPR Case Study: Customers Who Are Financially Healthy

I focused on consumer financial wellness in the years following the Great Recession of 2008, by leveraging my Bank of America and Cigna experience with money management, online banking, mortgage lending and customer service call-center outreach.  So that more consumers and their families could better focus on an improving quality-of-life.   

The goal:  If consumers could have enough to save then spend, organizations like yours could better attract then retain customer spending.  

I wrote content on this theme in multi-year marketing PR campaigns while at Bank of America, Cigna and nonprofit clients. I integrated messaging in content across multiple channels and organizations, with each campaign beginning with a plan.  The tactics deployed and writing samples below also serve as a guide to how your organization can attract and retain customers:  

  • Build Employee Customer Service Success.  Ongoing change in technology and job roles can distract employees from customer service.  Many of the tactics to settle then focus employees in the past are still relevant today.    
  • Target Customers Who Need to Manage Money Well. Millennials and Baby Boomers are the two largest generations of consumers. Event presentations followed by published bylined articles should be among your tactics.  These tactics helped to effect change in 401(k) regulations: a new catch-up provision so that workers age 50 and older could better save for the future.
  • Find Fun in Tools that Connect With Customers. Quizzes or games deliver results. See a fun game below showing how to buy a home, manage expenses, then pay off a mortgage by speaking with a nonprofit housing counselor. Plus articles and infographics.       

The result: I helped deliver growing revenue for Bank of America, Cigna and nonprofit clients with financial wellness tools and services that helped their customers to focus a better quality-of-life, with plenty to spend after saving.