About RGPR

Rick Goulart, 2016

Begin with a Writer Focused on Content Marketing PR

I'm Rick Goulart, Principal, RGPR Consulting. I write content for marketing PR professionals or leaders at U.S. companies or nonprofit organizations. The content I've written for Fortune 100 companies -- Pfizer, Cigna and Bank of America -- has helped to build two-way relationships with customers, relationships that generate revenue.

I left a career as a full-time marketing PR employee at Fortune 100 companies in 2011 to consult.  Since then, I've been bringing my experience and proven results to smaller U.S. businesses or nonprofits as a consultant or on-staff professional.  Click here to view my recent success.


I studied journalism becoming a broadcast news reporter at the start of my career.  And developed marketing PR writing and promotional skill by studying the performing arts on stage and screen.  A Fun Fact:  I'm among the first film critics to transition from print to broadcast media. Today, I still occasionally write on the intersection of marketing PR and the performing arts at my blog, RGPR Musings.


What I Offer Clients

My approach is to deliver Fortune 100 company marketing PR value to you at a low-cost, with pay-for-performance compensation only if I deliver promised results that generate revenue. You'll receive:

  • A free audit and analysis of your marketing PR channels.
  • A free Scope of Work Plan customized to your organization’s needs and existing plans. 
  • Pay-for-Performance pricing based on Success-vs-Plan.
  • Low-cost Content Marketing PR writing support to you and your team. 
  • Proven results from my years of experience at Pfizer, Cigna and Bank of America.